Aug 20, 2010

[All about News - Article - Tips and Tricks] Magic Tricks for Kids

A Magic tricks for kids can help increasing intelligence.

Childhood is still a period of play, although the primary school level, a child learn to get used to leaving their daily activities and routine in use for playing. They should start learning a reality, starting from a simple calculation formula and other school subjects. Certainly if a child would be reluctant to push for direct learning. one way to hone your will and stimulation of the brains of children, magic shows can be the one right choice. simple magic shows, by showing how to play the game to children

How is this possible?

With the example of simple magic, learning how to move the coin from your right hand to left hand.

Viewed from various aspects including:

1. Entertainment:
It's essentially an entertainment magic that kids love. Power is still a lot of thought of a child element fixed on something entertaining. Logically, with reference to entertainment then a child would be interested to see and pay attention.

2. Lesson:
Must possess a magic show secrets and skills to practice it so that if the magic is addressed to children it will be stimulated to find out the origin of the entertainment show that has been seen.

3. Memory Train:
Mandatory for a magician to open a secret magic for kids to train your memory. With the lead single magic secrets one by one, then a child would involve brain function to remember the "composition or the step magic tricks" with the assumption that they want to be the magic like a magician.

4. Coaching Savviness:
A magic show will not succeed if you do not have the dexterity and skill elements. A child must have the nature to show its advantages to others around them to attract attention .. then they should try to practice agile and skilled in learning magic tricks.

5. Mental Coaching:
If a child has applied their 1-4 then they will automatically try to show his greatness in others (especially family), presentation of magic in front of family or other people expecting applause or praise, certainly a child would try to appear convincing and thought of himself as a true magician. So the mental presentations conducted in schools will be familiar with the positive or the environment.

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