Aug 20, 2010

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A simple magic tricks to train agility and speed before they become a great magician.

Move coin from right hand into left hand, follow these steps :

1. Prepare a medium-size coin, do not be too large or too light.
2. Take on table or Floor
3. Place coin in the palm of his right hand, and position all your palms facing upwards.(see picture)

4. In essence, functioning coin-tossing right-hand and left hand catch. After the hand and the coins have been appropriate, such as pictures, turn the palms together quickly.

5. Rapid hand movements that would make the displacement coins are not visible to spectators, and location of the coins in distancing position falls exactly on the left palm. Remember, movement is still being done with both hands stuck to the position on the table or floor.

6. With a closed hand, you feel the coin has moved to her left hand. Let it stay like that position, and move your hands(according to your creations), so it looks as you move the coin from under the table in magic.

7. Now Open your right hand 1rst and do slowly, woowww..coin has disappeared, and then..
8. Last steps, open your left hand slow..and..slowly...tarrraaa...coin are here, you get applause... :)

You can try this simple Magic tricks at home..

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