Jul 1, 2010

New Market for Google Android

Google's Android operating system to get rid of the Apple iPhone in market share of smart phone users in the United States in the first quarter.

Research conducted by the NPD Group has recorded a Google Android market reaches 28 percent, while the BlackBerry is made Research In Motion RIM operating system uses that topped 36 percent.

Apple with its iPhone operating system which all came second, now drops to third position with 21 percent market share.

Market research was conducted based on a survey to consumers and they estimate how much sales of equipment that uses the operating system.

Android is the operating system that can be used on some models of mobile phones or smart phones produced by several companies, such as Motorola, HTC and Samsung. While the iPhone operating system can only be used for equipment produced by Apple.

NPD Group analyst Ross Rubin said the number of devices using the Android operating system is the market share of Google Android break. Not to mention that Verizon Wireless, the largest telecommunications operator in the United States, T-Mobile USA and AT & T also uses Google's Android operating system.

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