Jul 2, 2010

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Are you one fan omelette rolls? yes ... This traditional food is very liked by the people of Indonesia, especially in my place, Tulungagung. Roll omelette is usually required when the salvation of people died, as one of the requirements sajen (grandma said ... hehehe ...)
Especially if approaching fast, certainly many Muslim societies are ordering omelette rolls for Megengan event, namely a small salvation where the cake will be distributed to neighbors.
Because I like making pancakes, an order of this beautiful, time I'll give the recipe to make enten-enten (fill omelet roll) are delicious. Okay then ..........
1 Young Coconut fruit (peel the skin clean, coarse grated, steamed briefly)Sugar to tasteSalt to tasteGulan arep to taste (equal quantities of white sugar)Pandan Wangi leaves 2 sheets
How to Make:Mix the ingredients in the wok, then stir until the average approximately 45 minutes over low heat (do not let burn) so that the water content decreases.Let cool briefly, then enten-enten sweet omelette rolls ready made content.
Good luck ..
NB: If not using palm sugar, then the composition of white sugar plus 2-fold as the palm sugar dressing.

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