Sep 16, 2010

[TwilightNera's Entertainment Hotspot] America's Got Talent Major Upset! Mich...

America's Got Talent's season's finale aired last night and bluesy singer Michael Grimm was crowned the winner. Michael Grimm beat out:
  • Jackie Evancho - a 10 year old girl who has a power full operatic voice.
  • Prince Poppycock- an operatic, flamboyant sensation
  • Fighting Gravity- A group of extremely talented college kids who's performance literally defy gravity
Michael Grimm won a 1,000,000 dollar prize and show in Las Vegas. Grimm will also Headline an America's Got Talent Tour. Grimm has made it clear the first thing he will do with his prize money is buy his grandparents, who were misplaced by hurricane Katrina, a house.
I have to say I found it very disappointing that Grimm won. He is a very talented young man however his talent was not as strong as his competitors. To me it is a real indication of what people consider"true" talent.

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