Aug 5, 2010

Weekly Career Bulletin: Tackling a Team after Sacking a Team Member

JobsJournal 2010/08/05

See Your Job and the World from the Bright Side and Not The Dark Side

By Harrison Barnes

For about as long as I can remember, I have been taking one course or another about different subjects every several months. I take courses in just about every topic you can imagine and love taking these courses. Typically, the courses I take are three or four-day affairs, and executives from one company or another are always flown in for these events by their companies to attend. I am at one of these things today that is about to start within the next couple of hours. Incredibly, for the next several days I am going to be listening to Tony Robbins, of self-improvement fame, speak about how to run a business.
Organizing Your Efforts to Find a Job

The recession is bad for you in many ways, and it can fool you into believing that your only reason of failing to get good jobs is the recession. The recession can generate a false sense of social approval in being unemployed, it can detract you from analyzing yourself, and from pinpointing your own weaknesses that need to be taken care of.

If the recession was not there, and everyone had jobs except you, what would you have done? You would have taken a closer look at yourself and tried to improve by weeding out weaknesses in your approach to finding jobs and your projection as a candidate. There is nothing to indicate that the recession removed the need to reexamine your...
Tackling a Team after Sacking a Team Member

To succeed or survive, it is essential to feel positive on job. However, there are many impediments to this and frequent adverse situations that can make staying positive quite the task. One of the most common situations in a regime of layoffs is a situation where your team members feel you have failed them. It is one of the most awful situations for responsible professionals in leadership roles, and one that can provoke the best of us into erratic or negative reactions.

This is a situation one needs to learn how to handle, for every day, and every month, we find colleagues losing their jobs and sometimes we are forced to be part of the process that decides who will go jobless tomorrow.

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