Aug 18, 2010

[Stephen's Blog] What's TagWorld good for, heh?

What's TagWorld good for, heh?

Places like TagWorld, without any immediate interaction with other people, such as instant messenger, groups, or live stream, just seem to have that empty feeling to it. Like walking through a deserted town, with the tumbleweed rolling by. And i also feel unattached when it doesn't have any staff interacting with the members. Like calling a help line, only to end up talking to someone else that also called the help line.

I try to give TagWorld the benefit of the doubt, but this has gone beyond doubt. TagWorld is like an empty bag of quality potato chips, setting on the self with all the other bags of chips. It looks good from the outside, but once you pick it up and look inside, it's very easy to put it back down and walk away. I can't imagine that place ever thriving or flurishing. It's like people go there as a last resort, instead of just turning off their computers and walking away to find something else to do.

Stephen Robinson
The Social Web Analyst

Posted By Stephen Robinson to Stephen's Blog at 8/16/2010 06:25:00 AM

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