Aug 18, 2010

[Stephen's Blog] Snapvine - Voice Blogging Made Easy

My post today is about Snapvine. This audio and voice sharing social networking web site is completely free. Snapvine offers many different features for all members. It's main feature is voice blogging. It's very easy to setup and operate. You can have multiple voice blogs on the same account, and it's very easy to create. You can add photos, links, text, and tags to your voice blogs, which makes it all the more personal for making real friend connections. Customize your profile by adding a voice intro message, tagline, photo, and your favorite links. You can even choose to moderate your comments before they are published to Snapvine.

There are several different ways to publish your voice to Snapvine. The most popular way is to use a microphone or a headset & microphone combo. You can also add your voice my telephone or cell phone. And if that wasn't enough, you can also add audio or your voice by uploading your own audio file to Snapvine. Once your voice post is published, it will appear in chronological order on your voice blog, just like any other blog. You can browse other members, and browse other voice blogs. Add, subscribe, and talk to anyone you want. Leave a voice comment, and rate their voice blog posts.

You can also add friends and subscribers to your snapvine account, and you can (of course) subscribe to other voice blogs too. Your subscribers will be notified by email when you post to your voice blog. They can visit your page on snapvine and leave a voice and text comment, and also rate your post on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Below is one of my voice blog entries on Snapvine, that I have embedded into this post. If you decide to join, or you're already a member, then please add me up! :)

Comment | Join Me On Snapvine

Snapvine also offers a voice message player that you can add to your blog or web page. It works very similar to the old voice message machines that you can use with your home telephone service. Only with this modern voice message player, you can change skins, and customize it the way you want it. It's a very attractive and useful feature to add to your web page. With Snapvine, you can also add voice or audio to a photo. Just choose the photo, record, and publish. Add you can add that Voice Photo to your blog or web page. Just click on the Widgets link at the top of the Snapvine page for more details.

I rate Snapvine a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 on my Social Web Totem Pole.
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