Aug 18, 2010

[Stephen's Blog] Don't Fake Love - Keep It Real

Please don't pretend to love someone just to save their feelings. It's only going to get worse for both of you as time goes on. Be up front and honest, as soon as possible, and everyone can walk away before someone get's emotionally hurt. Ladies, don't be afraid of the guy getting aggressive towards you because you want to dump him early on in the relationship. Being a guy myself, I can tell you (from hanging out with other guys and talking to them about girls) that there isn't as many aggressive guys out there these days as most girls think there are. Especially if you don't let their heart get involved.

In fact, it is for this very reason that guys become players, and refuse to get their hearts involved, because deep inside, they just don't want to get hurt, from a girl that waits to dump them, until after their heart get's involved. Just being a player is (in my opinion) an inhuman act. It's really no different then the neighbor's dog stopping by for a quickie with your dog, and then leaving. Ladies, let's reduce the number of players out there, by telling it like it is, keeping it real, and dumping him before anyone's heart get's involved.

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Stephen Robinson
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Posted By Stephen Robinson to Stephen's Blog at 8/17/2010 10:46:00 PM

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Mylvin said...

I truly agree with you on this note. If love is fake, then it isn't love at all.

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