Aug 22, 2010

[Money Making Ideas] 2 Successful And Popular Money Making Schemes

2 Successful And Popular Money Making Schemes

Author: Fred Fortunes

Who doesn't want to find new ways to earn money quick using tried and true money making schemes?

Everyone is seeking ways to supplement their incomes or quit their day jobs so they can enjoy the rewards and benefits of operating a successful home based business. Here are two money making schemes to help you earn money quick.

Money Making Schemes #1 - Google Adsense

If you want to employ one of the proven money making schemes to earn money quick without having to invest any capital, start your own blogs. All you need is hosting space and a domain name for each blog.

Install WordPress on your website, and load a WordPress template designed for Adsense.

Blogs are easier to manage if you are actually interested in the topic you are writing about, so choose a topic that won't be painfully boring and uninteresting for you.

Start adding content to your site daily. The content needs to be relevant to the blog topic. Don't start a blog about gardening and enter blog posts about real estate. Each blog you create needs to have a theme.

You can take the topics a bit broader on some types of sites such as news and celebrity sites, but the idea is to keep the content relevant so that when readers sign up to receive your posts, they will receive the type of posts they are expecting and have an interest in.

As you build up your site content and the site has had time to start showing up in search engine results, start placing Adsense ads on the site. Continue to add new content. Never stop adding new content. If you don't have time to do this, outsource your blog posts to a freelancer writer.

As your site grows, implement other marketing strategies to attract readers to your blog. This can include article marketing, forum posting, back linking, and so forth.

One important piece of information regarding Google Adsense; do not click on your own ads. That is a big no-no when you are an Adsense publisher and it can cause you to have your account terminated.

Money Making Schemes #2 - ClickBank

Another of the popular money making schemes involves the selling of information. EBooks have become increasingly popular to sell on the internet. However, it takes a great deal of time to write an eBook. The terrific news about this method to earn money quick is that when you use ClickBank, you can make money selling eBooks that other people have written.

There are eBooks you can sell on a huge variety of topics, and new ones are added all the time. Remember that it is easier to create content on a topic that interests you, so keep that in mind when selecting titles to resell.

Set up a website and create sales content that will attract visitors interested in the eBook title and the site topic. Add relevant content to the website the same as on the Adsense site in the form of articles. Add content regularly.

Offer the eBook for sale on the website. Market the site to obtain increased traffic by using article marketing and linking strategies.


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