Aug 15, 2010

[How to make money fast, easy, safe and quick] How to Make Money Fast on PTC

We all same..need money or try to make money online.
But how to get fast, safe and easy? Right answer.

Join with trusted site on PTC, means reliable payments, quick support.

Here trusted site you can join (safe and easy) :

Neobux (International) click for join

Available 4 - 6
4 master/ regular ads = $0.01
2 tiny advertisement = $0.005 per click

$2 Instant Payout via Paypal and Alertpay

IDR-Clickit click for join

Available 8 - 12 ads:
4 master advertisements = 50 rupiahs($0.005)
8 tiny advertisement = 10 rupiahs($0.001)
$2 (20.000 rupiahs) instant payout via Paypal

VIPClix click for join

Available 8 - 12 (4 regular/ master ads then tiny ads)
$0.005 regular/ master advertisement per click
$0.001 tiny advertisement per click
$2 Payments via Alertpay, PayPal

Incentria click for join

#Paid to click
#Paid for signUp(You get paid to complete sign up offers plus an optional extra task)
#Paid to promote($0.0001 per click)
#Traffic exchange

Payout at $1 via Paypal and Alertpay

GPTVille click for join

available 12 - 27 advertisements
points for money(convert)

Minimum Payout $0.10 via Paypal(Fee 1%)
Minimum Payout $1.01 via Alertpay(Fee 1%)

You can follow one or all lists.

Then how to get fast and much money from there ? Good question
After you register one or all PTC site, get more and more friends become your referral/ downline. But you must remember, you can't get paid from your referrals if you not done (click ads by yourself).

More clicks(own) and referrals = fast and more money !!

Check list for trusted PTC site at

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