Jul 7, 2010

Best Fram Oil Filter For Your Car

Any car owner who really care less about the performance of their vehicles and general maintenance is absolutely necessary to worry about the oil that is now circulating in your engine. Engine oil is one of the most critical components when it comes to preserving the condition of your vehicle as a whole, and there are two basic considerations to keep in mind here: first, the quality of the engine poured into your engine and secondly, the quality of the oil filter you are using in your engine. Not only do you want to make sure you are using the best quality oil engine, but also that you are using the best filter possible, and to keep the car going as you'd like.

While the average oil filters can not capture dirt capabilities far more than 80% for particles exceeding 20 microns in size, high efficiency filters on the market are capable of overcoming the 99% efficiency for dirt particles the same size or even smaller. That's because the best oil filter available not only use of paper fibers trap dirt particles, but the use of other types of synthetic materials and compounds that are much smaller fibers to fill the empty spaces between the fibers of the paper themselves (such as fiberglass and cellulose). Recent events have led to highly engineered cellulose that achieves a degree of meshing precision that was previously unknown to oil filters, and for the best oil filter you need to make sure you have one that includes such new developments.

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