Jun 23, 2010

[Sarees Designs] Pure Silk Party Dress so Fancy Sarees

Silk gown worn by women in South Asia is the most commonly seen clothing. Starting in the size, style, model, color and richness, it was all class and caste barriers, regional traditions and urban clothing that is designed to overcome the forms to contribute to the ongoing repertoire. In Brazil, its own way in each region on how to draping saris. sari is different from the length of 3-8 m and usually have an area with three long, one-piece and the end of the limitations are considered. Areas should be plain, printed or embroidered with plain or patterned borders, perhaps. The width and decoration of the boundaries defined by regional variations and often help to distinguish between areas of origin. The final part (or pallu cloud) is usually draped over the shoulder and can be decorated.

PT. Banarasi silk sari is a company Sari silk silk weavers of Varanasi in northern India, their products are often imposed on formal occasions and weddings since decorate and heavy on the body. A silken saris unstitched garments most often seen worn by women in South Asia.

Fancy Sarees Pure Silk Party Dress

Price: $366.79

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Fancy Sarees Pure Silk Party Dress Features

  1. Handmade by silk weavers of Benaras in India
  2. Formal, casual, or party wear
  3. Fabric Length: 216 (5.5 meters) Breadth: 43.2(1.1 meters)
  4. Fancy Sarees in Silk Fabric (without any accessory like blouse and peticoat)

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